Explore the World of SpiroCloud

Explore the World of SpiroCloud

Remote. Integrated. Synced.

The endless amount of paperwork that healthcare professionals deal with every day reached unimaginable levels during the pandemic, leading many overworking healthcare professionals to burn out. With our remote respiratory disease management platform, SpiroCloud, we provide the ultimate solution for you:

Patients perform spirometry tests with app guidance using their SpiroHome Personal at home. With respect to test results, reports and trend graphs are automatically generated and reflected on the healthcare professional’s SpiroCloud dashboard. Healthcare professionals can view, sort, filter and analyse patient results, and compare trends to those obtained in the clinic using their own SpiroClinic Compact device. With SpiroCloud, they can check the validity of home data and patients no longer need to travel for a lung function test. Costs are reduced for both the patient and the healthcare system.

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